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Make it illegal to have less than 30 minutes of recess for 8th grade and lower in Georgia.

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Every day I hear, "settle down kids, you've got work to do." or "why are you all so riled up?" Well I know the answer. Throughout the years that I have been at my school, recess has been a major problem, parents go to the principal complaining about how short recess is and sometimes even the teachers but nothing ever happens. And right about now you may be thinking, recess can't be that short, your probably just exaggerating, but that's the surprising part, I'm not, we get five minutes of recess. But then we get tons of physical education right? Nope, 60 minutes per week (two 30 minute classes). As we grow we get less and less time to exercise, I understand high school and collage but elementary and middle school are two totally different things.

    Not having enough time to exercise leads to child obesity and yes, kids being riled up in class. If we don't have enough time outside we don't let any energy out so we have to let it all out during class then we get in trouble for talking or horse playing. And it's not just my school, I ask my out of school friends and they have the same problems. If you are thinking, well this is just a kid wanting more time to chat with her friends, it's not, my parents rant about how much the recess problem bothers them. So, now do you understand kids need longer recesses, it is unhealthy for kids to have five minutes a day outside, so please sign this petition to make a change for the well being of kids.


 If you want to read more about how it is in kid's best interest to have recess please visit this website 

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