Removal of Justin Trudeau

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I trust this doesn't fall on deaf ears. 

How much more do we as Canadians have to endure before we finally stand up and get Justin Trudeau removed from office. This man has made a mockery of the office for which he holds and has put our country to shame. Justin has lied to all of us at every turn and has made us the laughing stock of the world stage, as much as I hate to admit it but the Democrats were right when they said "He's not ready " and they were right. His track record thus far is nothing less than deplorable, in the last two years he has increased the national debt by 54 billion dollars, He wants to allow those people who turned their backs on our country to join ISIS to return to Canada even after the atrocities they committed to innocent women and children not to mention the military both Canadian and American, now I don't know about you but to me that in itself is a betrayal to the citizens of this country. 

Then he gave a known terrorist a cheque for 10.5 million dollars because he felt his rights under the charter were violated, but were they I think not. He was arrested by the Americans and held in prison at Guantanamo for acts of terrorism so tell me were his rights had been violated, because as anyone who travels knows if you brake the laws of another country you have no rights and aren't protected under the charter. 

And now for the best one. When Donald Trump became president of the United States there was an influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border into Canada, but instead of arresting these people he gave them housing and money to stay in the country. Any other country would have arrested them and sent them right back and not allowed to return until they went through the proper channels. This costs the taxpayers millions of dollars and yet when our Vets and Seniors asked for an increase to their pensions we are told the money isn't available but he can afford to give away billions to countries that have been turned away by other countries for reason of terrorism and humanitarian violations. He spends our tax dollars on so called trade trips abroad and comes back with our country further in debt and he can spend more of tax dollars on outfits that make him look more like a clown than a dignitary, also his little excursion looked more like a family vacation than a diplomatic trade delegation. And for the cherry on the top, wanting to impose a values test for those applying for summer grants is more like calling the kettle black before it gets to the flame, so before you impose a values test you should first possess them and Justin Trudeau does not. 

Sign not just to oust him but have arrested for treason and have his pension revoked to pay back the Canadian tax payers for the monies he has squandered.