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Kenneth Donaldson
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Saddening to think in these times of hardship which troubles  you and I daily. That a fight I have been pushing inside the court room to save the rights of you and I from government departments that control our social welfare resources. A problem which is now increased by the use of corruption within the legal system controlled by those people said to protect our rights in the court room we refer to as court judges.


During the best part of the last 11-years I have been pushing for the protection of safeguarding our welfare payments and those payments made under any form of compensation payouts which are meant to aid us in our recovery or assist us during life should the injuries be lifetime sustaining. This fight has had me seeking justice from the Government officials, the State Officials and even Judicial Officials whom, have stated they are above the law which serves all people.  


Now, I am turning to you for help to bring about a Royal commission ordered by the Governor General’s office in to the dealings of those court cases I was involved in. With just one aim to restore the balance of justice. So that all people are treated equally and granted rightful payments where it has been shown injustice has been performed by any government department employee.  


If you would like to know more about my own dealings and help me raise fund to continue this fight for you and I. You can grab a copy of the book which has been priced to just a fraction higher than covering the printing cost of the publishing/distribution company and I do truly thank you for the joining the fight.


For your convenience a direct link here The Boy's Club Law of League


Thank you very kindly for signing this petition and a special thank you for grabbing a copy of the book to help fund the ongoing fight as it continues.

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