Oppose Margaret Court's Australia Day 2021 Honour

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I was upset to hear that Margaret Court, a former tennis champion, is being considered for the Companion of the Order of Australia award this Australia Day given her history of public denunciation of LGBTIQ+ rights and opposing basic human rights for LGBTIQ+ people.

Shockingly her views also include support for conversion therapy.

Her views are divisive, hurtful, repugnant to civil society, and worst of all directly risk lives.

While she has had some past sporting success her activism with regards to opposing fundamental human rights to a vulnerable minority of our community are not consistent with those of modern Australia and run contrary to mainstream modern day principles of accepting diversity and equality in society

If our Government grants the award it would not only bring our country into international disrepute, it would marginalise those she has so publicly attacked, and empower those with a similar hatred towards the LGBTIQ+ community.

Our Government should not be honouring Margaret Court with the award as doing so will minimise the value of similar awards other outstanding Australians have received, lessen all Australians in the eyes of the world, directly cause harm to those individuals condemned by her words, and risk further division in our society.

I would be grateful for your support in making our voice heard and respectfully request that our Governor General does not proceed with granting the award.