Australian Government to be held accountable for negligence

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The actions of the current government before and during this bushfire emergency and drought expose gross negligence in managing the environmental issues that beset the people of Australia. A good example of this is the Prime Minister failing to meet the former fire chiefs early last year when they were trying to impress on the government that major actions were required to try and avert the environmental disaster our nation is now experiencing. The resources should have been ready and available at the outset, plus these fires began raging in September and government has demonstrably been asleep at the wheel until now when it is almost too late.

This government's negligence arises from a lack of any meaningful leadership in custodianship of our land and meeting the challenges of global climate change. This situation is further exacerbated by years of ministerial mendacity which now has made Australia a laughing stock and pariah on the world stage.  The necessary leadership from this government would have prevented our loss of credibility within the international community.

I am trying to be apolitical in this petition by purely focussing on the actions (or inaction) of the government here. It is worth noting, though, that  at least someone was concerned about the fire threat: Proposed firefighting fleet

I therefore propose that the Governor General dismiss the current government for gross negligence causing grievous harm to the country and appoint an interim governing council (if possible) until fresh elections are held. I also propose that there be NO political advertising allowed before the election so people can make up their minds on the government's performance and not its rhetoric.