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This petition is to support the diligent scrutiny by a body comprising international instances to be carried out on the Australian Federal Government and various related parties, by the International Human Right Commission Federation of the World - in the first instance.

For the breach of our Human Rights and failure of Duty of Care by ALL from the Governor General down seemingly looking the other way in relation to money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud etc. since December 2014 in my case, preceding so many other cases surfacing daily.


Australian - Governor General, Attorney General and Prime Minister

Background:  Her Majesty Elizabeth Regina II is our sovereign monarch; Her Majesty Elizabeth Regina II has an appointed and direct authority installed, to prevail over Australia called the Governor General; this latter instance oversees and signs off all governing instruments in the Commonwealth of Australia, beginning with the Federal Parliament (Legislature), Attorney General (Judiciary) and the appointment of the Prime Minister.  

We petition the GG, AG and the PM as co-respondents to this petition. 


I have received formal responses from several Australian financial regulatory instances, and involved actors, without commitment of support or action from the Governor General down since 2014 in relation to the reporting of International organised crime, money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, counterfeit cheques, AML/CTF breaches etc.


Bring those to account who have failed us in their paid responsible accountable roles.

Replace them with honest, integral people wanting to abide by the existing laws for the security and safety of Australia and the rest of the world.


To seek justice and redress from the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, for failing in its Duty of Care to protect me from criminal activity done under my name. The latter seemingly permitted by various Financial Institutions and other directly related parties that claimed to have acted in full compliance, for appropriate redress, and for others who suffered similar fate, to join me doing so, and also be the direct beneficiaries of justice and redress.


I was a victim of international organised crime.  I became a target whilst sharing my cause to help 100million people who need a wheelchair via Facebook in 2010. 

After my own personal international investigation, as not any law enforcement would assist me, I have since discovered I am one of tens of thousands over the past two decades at least, based on evidence identified from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime (IC3) site since 2000 -

This is a global systemic problem in which lives have been lost, financially and emotionally destroyed while financial institutions have profit and continue to profit from PROCEEDS OF CRIME as fee income is obtained from illegal transactions going to fraudulent identities. 

In my case Australian and International Regulators were made aware in 2015 and to this day look the other way.


It is not only important to me but for the National Safety and Security of Australia and the World.

Since reporting the above to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in December 2014, who when I rang them said – Oh yes this happens at least 10 times a day, just change my phone number and email and move on, but due to death threats (a criminal offence) to report to Queensland Police and the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).

The dismissive and nonchalant nature of the AFP as an enforcer of the law, has fallen from grace in my eyes, and has left me completely vulnerable, life and limb.

I have since been to every Government Agency from the Governor General down and not one will step up to remedy the failed system.


The following published in the UK August 2017 as the Australian media will not help publish the truth of the negligence, corruption and collusion in Australia.

World news:

1.     Overview organised crime in Australia and public impacts etc. 

2.     Regulator AUSTRAC aware of Commonwealth Bank money laundering - ignored since 2015 

3.     Request to Australian Parliament for Financial Institution investigation - all ignore

4.     Reserve Bank of Australia - ignores serious AML breaches etc

5.     Australian Law Enforcement - ignored serious AML breaches etc

6.     Australian public seek international help 

**As a result of my global truth sharing I was asked to now be a Board Member and a  World First Role of - ‘Public Interest Officer’ for the Africa Universities Fund – New York City USA


Our National Safety and Security is at risk i.e. our sovereign integrity will be vulnerable.  Lives will continue to be lost and destroyed due to gross misconduct and negligence and those who are paid by our tax payers funds to adhere to their Duty of Care.

Do you care for the future of your children and generations to come, to feel safe and to implicitly trust government agencies/entities entrusted with your safety and wellbeing?

Call to Action:  If you have been impacted by the failure of our Governments, Law Enforcement, Media, Law firms, Organisations etc. then:

1, Please add your name to rally support to bring those who have failed us to account.

2. Please send a summary of your case and supporting evidence to – 

Further updates coming soon at –  (currently under development)


It is the power of our unity in large numbers and by working together that will help us get international support from the International Human Right Commission Federation of the World and others to scrutinize our flailing governments.

Time for Accountability and Punishment to suit the crimes.