Release Anthony Lyons from San Quentin State Prison

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We are the family members of Anthony Harold Lyons (E46187), who is currently on his 23rd year of serving a double life term at San Quentin Prison, and we are petitioning for an early release. Anthony is 59 years old and has never harmed or murdered anyone. He is a very gentle, smart, and innovative man who became addicted to crack cocaine during the crack epidemic. Before his incarceration, he was a private contractor and a loving son & brother needed help, not a mandatory life sentence that was imposed upon him by the sentencing guidelines in the 3-strike law.

Since Anthony has been incarcerated, he has developed a severe heart condition, stage 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other ailments.  For health reasons, we are gravely concerned about the current dangers relating to the sudden spike of COVID-19 cases at San Quentin Prison. In the last 5 weeks, the count of positive tests for inmates and staff have grown to more than 1,600.  Unfortunately, in the last 2 weeks, there have been 6 Covid-19 related deaths. This accounts for one-third of the prison’s population. This is an indication that the prison system is overcrowded, and their hospitals are not equipped to handle this pandemic. According to the CDC, due to Anthony’s underlying illnesses, he is at increased risk for severe complications from COVID-19 and possibly death. It would be extremely unjust for Anthony to lose his life trying to serve a double life term that does not suit his crimes.

Since Anthony’s incarceration over the past 23 years, we have watched him grow spiritually and compassionately, despite his living conditions. Because of his sentence, his family have also been sentenced right along with him. He has a loving wife of 22 years who is disabled and is fearful for his health and well being while incarcerated in San Quentin during this pandemic. Our mother was 63 years old when her son was incarcerated, and she is now 86 years old. Our mother’s failing health prevent her from visiting the prison and her greatest fear is that she never sees her son again. 

Thank you for your support with our plea that those who are in power have mercy on the inmates who are at high risk and those who have served their time and deserve to quarantine in a safe environment.  

We call for immediate consideration of clemency and an early release for Anthony Lyons!