Release Anthony Lyons from San Quentin State Prison

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Free Anthony Lyons from San Quentin Prison

It has been a couple of weeks since we’ve first written Governor Gavin Newsom seeking an early release for Anthony Harold Lyons (E46187) from San Quentin State Prison.  Unfortunately, we have not yet received a response from any officials.  Our goal is to reach out to everyone who holds the key to spare Anthony’s life and the lives of other high-risk inmates from such an increasingly dangerous environment.  Phone calls from Anthony Lyons have been short and few in between but we’ve learned that, due to the unhealthy food supply, he has been placed on insulin and we are overly concerned about his overall health and vulnerable immune system. This situation is extremely disappointing and frustrating for the family and we don’t know where to turn. We feel as if we are running out of time.  

According to the state's patient tracker, we have learned that the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in San Quentin has continued to rise by 527 and the death toll has sadly increased to 10 inmates in the last 14 days. We are extremely happy for the 33 inmates who were released during that time, but we are also heartbroken that there weren’t more lives spared than that. The explosion of COVID-19 outbreak in the prisons are most unfortunate and time is of the essence for turning this horrific situation around.  However, we feel that Anthony has paid his debt to society after serving 23 years out of a triple life sentence. He is a much older and wiser man who deserves the right to freedom.

We started a petition with a week ago in search for supporters for our efforts to have Anthony Lyons released from San Quentin State Prison. We have already received more than 3,800 signatures from family, friends, and other concerned individuals who believe in fairness and justice.  Our hearts are overwhelmed with the support that we’re receiving from everyone. We thank you all for your prayers for Anthony Lyons to be released from San Quentin before it’s too late.

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2 months ago