Please Open California State Parks to Boating

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Hello everyone,

The purpose of this petition is to garner support to open California State Parks to boating. During this time of crisis, I realize this request may sound short-sighted or even selfish, but I would ask you to please consider the following when deciding to sign this petition:

·       Recreational boaters usually live in the same house (families) drive to the lake in the same car and spend time in a single boat.

·       Recreational boating is truly a social distancing activity; families are in their own boats and never come within 10 feet of another boat. In fact, you more likely to pass within 6 feet of a hiker on a trail than you are to come within 10 feet of another boat.

·       As you know first-hand, this is a high stress time for all Californians. Recreational boating is a safe way to spend time out of the house and release some stress. Additionally, for those Californians that are unable to hike, recreational boating is a great alternative allowing all of us to get outside, soak up some sun and breathe in fresh air – all while practicing social distancing.

·       There is also a significant economic impact of lake closures on hundreds of small businesses. For example, local marina’s depend on recreational boating to survive. Local marina’s sell gas and goods from small stores. By following the established standard set by banks, local marinas can easily institute “one customer-at-a-time” protocols that will ensure social distancing while allowing local marinas to operate.

While there are stay-safe and economy-helping aspects to recreational boating, I will stop here.

Thank you very much for your consideration,