Free Sirhan Sirhan. It's time.

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Those of us who have looked honestly into the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy know that Sirhan did not kill Kennedy or anyone. BUT EVEN IF YOU THINK HE IS GUILTY, he has been in jail for 50 years, more than the twice the time he was free. He turned 75 years old in March 2019. He's no threat to society and should be freed to make space for violent criminals.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has the power to grant Sirhan Bishara Sirhan a compassionate parole. Governor Newsom suspended the Death Penalty because innocent people have been wrongly convicted. BUT EVEN IF HE THINKS SIRHAN IS GUILTY, Sirhan is no threat. He has a brother in Pasadena and a home to go back to. His brother lives alone and all their relatives are dead. Please, Governor, let these last two family members reunite. 

I started looking into the Robert Kennedy assassination more than 25 years ago. I wrote a book on the case titled "A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination." Sadly, as State Attorney General, Kamala Harris wittingly or unwittingly turned to an author who has not been intellectually honest with the evidence to help her write the rebuttal to Sirhan's last legal appeal.

I didn't write my book to free Sirhan. But after writing the book, I had to honor what I'd uncovered. Sirhan was manipulated and framed. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE ME TO SIGN THIS. You just have to be a compassionate person who believes the reason we have a parole system is because we save jail for violent criminals who cannot be returned to society. That's not the case with Sirhan. He has a clean record and has committed no violence in prison.

I helped Bobby Kennedy Jr. meet with Sirhan in prison, and Bobby told him he knew he hadn't killed his father. 

Please sign this petition to ask Governor Newsom to free Sirhan. It's time.