Free my Daddy

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Hello there,

My Name is Joshua and im 6 Years old

I have a Daddy that cares and Loves me but he is serving time in a California Prison wich is really far so i can only see him once a Year.

I really miss him. Currently hes serving time still for beeing stupid when he was young.

He never killed or try to kill anyone . He was just young and alone and needed Money.

I want him to come home ! please sign my Petition .

Thank you very much 


To help my little Son having his Daddy home i did set up this. We need to save alot of Money to travel once a Year to see him which isnt much. The cruel Prison System in USA where you are surrounded by Murders and People with serious Mental health Problems makes it really hard to survive.

My beloved Fiancee stays out of trouble and doing the best he can and still has no single chance now to prove ge changed and can go home. Depression often comes along with beeing not treatened like a Human .

My Goal is to reach the Governor since he changed alot. Please we want Our Daddy and Fiancee to come home so he can at least the rest of his Life with his Family and in Peace.

So many People end up with the wrong Person in a Cell and got killed we dont want to think about that do we go from Day to Day.

Please sign our Petiton to let the Governor know that we need help !!!

Thank you