Wisconsin please stop the slaughtering of wolves

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The number of wolves is declining and due to climate change and loss of habitat they already face many challenges. 

We should treat innocent animals living in our few remaining forests respectfully. 

Studies demonstrate that randomly killing wolves will not solve, but can exacerbate, Wisconsin's already rare conflicts with livestock. 

Science shows that establishing a trophy wolf hunting season will not solve any of the purported issues that WDNR
and NRB raise to justify such seasons. 

Furthermore zero consideration was given to the fact that the wolf or Ma’iingan is a keystone species or relative for the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission’s member tribes and represents an iconic emblem of their clan systems.

This Wisconsin wolf season is not so much a hunting season as it is a killing season. No justification, none, was given for what was the legitimate purpose other than killing wolves.

This early 2021 wolf season is unlawful and goes against the decisions of the NRB and the commitments of the WDNR
to transparency and broad public engagement. 

Let's stand together and put an end to this cruel hunting and let's respect and honor the majestic Wisconsin wolves. 

Please help, sign the petition and help raise awareness!