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Hello My name is April Ramsey and I'm writing this petition not just for myself and my family but for my community and everyone else in the United States. This petition is about getting prosecuter Robert E. Parks in Franklin County Missouri out of office with the return of a new prosecutor. Reason behind this is because my brother Austin Lee Lusty was murdered January 10, 2016 due to two stab wounds one to the neck and one to the chest.  and Mr Parks was the prosecutor on this case even though there was overwhelming evidence and statements towards the offender who did this to my brother nothing was done about this and he failed to pursue any case whatsoever, instead he let the man walk on self defense. His determination was only by hear say and his own belief, not by facts or evidence. Not to meantion not just Parks the police have rejected prime evidence or if they didn't they did not come forward as they are supposed to by law. It's also said the man who done this cold blooded crime is family or friends to law enforcement.  I'm not the only one in the matter of this case. I also have a friend who's Father was murdered in his own home while he was tortured and tied up. Parks also did not want to pursue this case. But his daughter fought we protested and the case got recognized but we are still not happy with the outcome. From all the overwhelming evidence, not to meantion the confessions of such monsterous acts Parks is wanting to give a ruling of manslaughter instead of Murder. A man had his life taken and he is never coming back. This crime is not fair to the sentence they deserve. These are not the only two cases that are involved with Parks. I have ran into many others who have had the same complaint of how Parks is handling cases. Let me share something for a moment with you. These are the exact words of your prosecuting Attorney. 

The Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney's Office strives to uphold the laws of the State of Missouri with integrity, while maintaining the utmost fairness to the citizens it is sworn to protect. 

That is great words but the only problem is they need to be maintained. Anyone can tell you anything, it's their actions that show truth. And this is NOT JUSTICE! Anyone who believes that it is you are lying to the people and yourself. And I will not let this go. Think of it as if it were you in this situation. Would you accept manslaughter or nothing for your outcome? So why is it ok for them to do this? Why aren't they investigating like there supposed to do? Why won't they re-open the case when they have had numerous reasons to? Why would they do this to a human being? These are the questions you need to ask. Because I believe there is curruption in Franklin county and someone is working extra hard to make sure these things are not disposed. But, WE DESERVE JUSTICE! Just like we are required to abide by law the law enforcement needs to abide by the same rules that are given to us. It's not Ok to overlook and ignore anything that may be beneficial to a case. And that's exactly what their doing. MURDER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! So I'm asking you to please help me in serving JUSTICE not just for my family, for my friends or my friends families or anyone else out there who may of been wronged but for EVERYONE. What if it were you? Would you accept this? Would this be enough? How would you feel? We need to clean the corruption out so we can seek justice. If not, and they can get by with this then what else can they get by with? And what else have they done? We need it back to the way it should be. So please I ask you if you believe in this cause please sign this petition. We need as many signatures as possible. So pass it to your family, your friends, your friends friends, etc. Help me make this change. GOD BLESS YOU!

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