Put House Bill 1315 On the Agenda for the Special Legislative Session

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Toward the end of 2017 the State Distressed Unit Appeal Board determined that a takeover of Muncie Community Schools was necessary to ensure the financial stability of MCS.  Since the 2017 - 2018 academic year an Emergency Management Team has been overseeing steps to improve the financial health of MCS.  

Earlier this year, however, House Bill 1315 was introduced; House Bill 1315 is an exciting Bill that would allow Ball State University to assume the responsibility of managing Muncie Community Schools.  

At the last legislative session House Bill 1315 was scheduled to be heard by both chambers of the State Legislature but they simply ran out of time.  The bill wasn't voted down or stalled due to lack of support but was simply not heard before the clock ran out.  

We believe that house Bill 1315 provides the best options to ensure the continued success of Muncie Community Schools.  In order for student, faculty, and staff to believe they can compete with the best they need more than to be told they are "distressed" or "impoverished".  Ball State has one of the best teaching colleges in the country and a giving management responsibility to BSU not only shows MCS that they are worth helping but that they deserve access to not only the best the BSU has to offer but to the best this country has to offer.

Don't let what amounts to just a few minutes stall the progress of the children in Muncie and, ultimately, the entire community of Muncie as a whole.