Make railroad companies take responsibility for their negligence and prevent accidents

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We , the people of Missouri, would like to have the laws surrounding train crossing safety followed and reviewed. We also want to have stop arms AND warning lights installed at every crossing .

 We contend as well that the highway dept is not doing an adequate job of keeping the plants and vegetation clear at these crossings causing visibility issues.

 Leah Robinson was a beautiful 5 yr  old girl looking forward to kindergarten in the fall. Loved  by everyone who met her . She died when the van she was in was struck by a train. A train her mother , the driver, didn't see. Her father was severely injured and will require treatment for a long time. Possibly forever.

 The brush at this crossing was so tall it was impossible to see past it. 

The engineer was traveling faster than he should have been in that area according to investigators. 

 We want this and similar situations examined and the rightful parties to take responsibility.