Restrict Out Of State Travel into Bristol Bay

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Linda Wassillie
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Corona Virus can decimate Alaska Villages like South Naknek, Naknek, King Salmon and other Bristol Bay villages by those arriving from out of state for the 2020 commercial fishing season. An estimated 15,000 out of state people are currently trickling into King Salmon and Dillingham as of March 16, 2020.  There are no adequate facilities to properly quarantine those arriving from out of state and there are no health care facilities that can adequately handle the influx of people that may be infected or those that they infect.   The Bristol Bay Borough is not equipped or experienced in a situation like this.  Out of state travelers believing they will quarantine themselves in bunkhouses, docked  boats  and conex containers  are not adequate facilities to quarantine anyone.  So we ask Governor Dunleavy to come up with a solution immediately. Our elders and compromised residents are at risk of losing their lives. 

Please sign this petition to urge Governor Dunleavy  to save our at risk Bristol Bay population and potentially all Alaska.