Ban Tear Gas Use In Ohio

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This afternoon (Saturday May 30), many of my peers and other fellow citizens were at the peaceful protest for George Floyd in downtown Cleveland. The crowd was peaceful until a few individuals started destroying property, while the crowd pleaded with them to stop. This was when police used tear gas canisters on the crowd, and the scene descended into chaos.

The use of tear gas only made the situation worse because it also harmed the people who were peacefully walking, and caused fear and panic in the whole crowd. Furthermore, tear gas causes severe health issues and is banned in war according to the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. If it is banned in war, why would we use it on our own citizens?

There are safer, better alternatives. Protests in America should be a peaceful demonstration of our first amendment rights - they should not mimic a battlefield. Please sign this statute and make Ohio the first state to ban the use of this dangerous chemical weapon and keep our communities safe.

We need **1000 signatures** from REGISTERED OHIO VOTERS to bring this to the state legislature. If you are a registered voter, please fill out this Google Form ( We are collecting virtual and physical signatures for a citizen initiated statute that, if successful, will become a law banning tear gas in Ohio.

Thank you.