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Equal and fair pay for the Correctional Officers of Bristol County

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It’s been over a DECADE since the Correctional Officers at Bristol County Sheriffs department have received a pay raise. I said Correctional Officers because all other staff members of the Bristol County Sheriffs department including the Sheriff have received pay raises but the people that put their lives in jeopardy every day to do a job that not many people can do, are going unappreciated and underpaid.

The state took over the funding for county jails almost two years ago. All other sheriffs departments were able to find it in their budget to give a pay increase to off set the increase they had to their medical benefits, that is all sheriffs departments except Bristol County.

Sheriff Hodgson is now in a tug of war with Governor Deval Patrick about funding. To get Governor Patrick’s attention he has threatened to close down facilities that local police departments use and he has followed through on shutting down programs for the inmates therefore causing a lot of unrest with the inmates which places the correctional officers at greater risk.

The Correctional Officers have gone unheard for too long. We have contacted state reps and the governor’s office and the only one that acted was Senator James Welch who tried to get a bill passed to bring the correctional officers to parity with other counties and state correctional officers of Massachusetts. Unfortunately the bill did not pass, we are now asking for your support to bring this issue to light and help the men and women of Bristol County Sheriffs Department receive the pay they deserve for the dangerous job they perform.

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