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Protect South Dakota Soldiers

Dear Governor Daugaard,

The South Dakota Army National Guard is planning on conducting their training next year, beginning June 1, 2013, in the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. The area they plan on using is between SD Highway 44 and SD Highway 40 just Southeast of Rapid City. Please, Governor Daugaard, use your influence to stop this activity in this area of the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. The soldiers will be in danger from radioactive pollution as the naturally occurring uranium in that area is at, or just beneath, the surface. In addition, the radioactive dust will carry over the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with the west and northwesterly winds, and back onto Rapid City when the winds blow from the south. Your intervention will greatly protect the health and lives of many people.

Thank you.

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  • Governor, State of South Dakota
    Governor Dennis Daugaard

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