Ask Governor Deal to Veto the HOA Tax Bill - HB 410

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The Georgia legislature passed HB 410 which will hurt many homeowners and communities if signed into law.  We have one last chance to try to stop HB 410 from becoming law by asking Governor Nathan Deal to VETO the bill.

HB 410 imposes increased regulations and has the potential to increase costs to community association residents.  HB 410 restricts fees that can be charged for resale transaction documents for homes in condominium or homeowners associations. The fee limit of $100 is below the national average and in some cases will  not cover the  costs related to producing the information.  Community associations are home to more than two million Georgians in more than 10,000 neighborhood associations - all of whom will be negatively affected by this legislation. These associations often commission a third-party vendor or a managing agent to fulfill their obligation to provide accurate, current, thorough and up-to-date unique information to the prospective homebuyer in a resale transaction in a community association. The information being provided to the prospective buyer is unique to the home they are purchasing.  It is important to have accurate and thorough disclosure of all information related to the neighborhood so the purchase is aware and familiar with their new community.  This legislation will not only be harmful to community associations, but to the dozens of small businesses and thousands of employees who provide these important services.

 The community association industry made every effort to work the supporters of the bill and the legislators pushing the bill, but the industry was shut down time and time again.  The result will be significant damages on a segment of housing that currently makes up nearly 25% of housing in Georgia and will become the primary type of housing in the next few decades. Please ask Governor Deal to consider vetoing this legislation on behalf of the two million community association residents and the fastest growing housing model in Georgia.

Governor Deal needs to hear from you today.  Please sign this petition asking Governor Deal to VETO HB 410.

Please sign this petition asking Governor Deal to VETO HB 410.

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