Save EK Fernandez Shows

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For over 100 years, E.K. Fernandez Shows, Hawaii's oldest Native Hawaiian owned and operated company, has brought joy and laughter to families across the islands.

The Fernandez ‘Ohana were loyal Royalists, and devoted to King Kalakaua and Queen Lili‘uokalani. It was this dedication to the Kingdom that inspired the family to start EK Fernandez Shows in the first place, and it was their Hawaiian resilience that has kept this company strong for over 100 years. The company has weather many, many threats, but today, for the first time, E.K. Fernandez Shows may come to an end, because of Governor David Ige and his administration. 

E.K. Fernandez Shows, including the 50th State Fair, and all the Carnivals and Fairs that take place throughout the state today require a complex assortment of permits and permissions in order to take place. This process is complex and expensive, but E.K. Fernandez shows has navigated this process for over 100 years with expertise and without issue. 

This year the David Ige Administration has refused to process the complete assortment of permits E.K. Fernandez Show's submitted in a timely and lawful manner in order to run a successful 50th State Fair. 

What the public does not realize is that the neighbor island fairs can often run at a loss, yet the Fernandez family is committed to taking the neighbor island County Fairs to the neighbor islands, because of their economic importance to nonprofits and those local communities. Therefore, it is the 50th State Fair that makes the neighbor island County Fairs possible. 

By refusing to process the permits needed to run a successful 50th State Fair, E.K. Fernandez Shows may have no choice by to cancel the neighbor island County Fairs this year. We would find this heartbreaking. Bringing carnivals and fairs to the families of Hawai‘i has been our traditional practice for our 100 years, and we believe the neighbor islands, particularly Kaua‘i and Hawai‘i Island need these economic opportunities this year more than ever. 

If you want to see E.K. Fernandez Shows continue and on the neighbor islands, please join us and sign this petition! It's not to late to have your voice heard! Keep this important traditional alive! Mahalo!