No on Hawaii HAR-11-157 Breaking Constitutional and Human Rights

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State of Hawaii, Department of Health has what is called HAR translated as Hawaii Administrative Rules. What this allows them to do is change Hawaii's' binding regulations on Vaccination without direct hearings and or input from the Hawaii State Legislature or the People of Hawaii on the proposed changes. So we have a group of Unelected Officials Deciding what New Vaccines and yes Dangerous Vaccines will Be Mandated  and or suggested for School attendance in Hawaii. Are YOU OK with that?

VACCINES Can and DO KILL and MAIM our Children. Over 4 BILLION DOLLARS have been paid out by the NVICP National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. That's $4,000,000,000 that HAS BEN Paid for children KILLED or INJURED by VACCINES. Think about that ! Some say that is a Fraction of what would have been paid out if ALL the Vaccine injuries and Deaths were reported. Think $4,000,000,000,000 or MORE if all were known and reported,

Did you know that NO Vaccine Maker can be Sued if they Maim or KILL your Child? THAT IS THE LAW.

IN HAWAI'I we have a group of unelected officials making decisions on VACCINES POLICY with no Direct oversight by the Legislature or PUBLIC when New Changes are Proposed. Are you OK with that?  I'm Not.

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