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Oppose Hawaii Moratorium to New Aquarium Fish Permits SB 1240

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The Hawaii Aquarium Fishery is small, sustainable and highly regulated. Please continue to let those who love pet tropical fish enjoy their pets as long as the fish are abundant and the fishery is sustainable.

The 7 billion dollar a year pet industry relies on the most ecologically friendly collected Hawaii aquarium fish. Many business will be effected.

Fish counts are up by millions according to the state regulatory agency DLNR and their 17 year study of the fishery. The Department of Land and Natural Resources DLNR also opposes the moratorium and SB 1240. Hawaii's leading scientist oppose the bill. To ban a fishery is unconstitutional and violates the State of Hawaii Constitution. With out any new permits eventually the fishery will die. There will be a rush on permits before this becomes law causing more fishermen than if it this law was not passed.

The bill is in response to hundreds of divers and snorkelers who have been lied to and sent in testimony in favor of this bill. Some in the dive snorkel business regard the fishery as competition to them. Those who see fish in aquariums will not pay to dive or snorkel with the fish. Their objections are not based in ecology but with distorted half truths designed to eliminate their competition. It is clearly an ocean user conflict which is how DLNR describes it. 

Large areas have been set aside for tourists. Fishermen for aquarium fish always avoid tourist areas and wish they have a thriving business. Pretty fish in aquariums around the world encourage tourists to come dive in Hawaii. Most dive shops support us and us them; it is a few radical outspoken ones who lead the biased prejudice attach on the sustainable fishery. Please sign this petition and send the Honorable Governor of Hawaii, Mr. Ige, your message to please veto SB 1240. It is the right thing to do.

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