Reopen Swimming Pools in New York

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Pools have been closed for over 2 months already, and competitive swimmers such as myself want to get back into action ASAP! Please consider signing this petition so that we can get back into our natural habitat. This doesn't mean having pools open to everyone at all times, but opening pools, while still maintaining social distance, would be greatly appreciated by swimmers all over New York. In addition, the CDC has said that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread through chlorinated water, so there is no reason not to reopen pools.

Here is a list of ways we could use pools and also stay safe:

1. Masks would be worn on deck.

2. Locker rooms, bathrooms, elevators, and other places of communal gathering would be off-limits, so swimmers would have to arrive in their bathing suits.

3. In the pool, swimmers would follow the USA Swimming guidelines to allow for safe swimming.

Not only is this cause important to competitive swimmers, but also to young children who depend on swimming lessons to prevent drowning. Drowning is already the leading cause of accidental death for children under 5, and this year the number of deaths is anticipated to be more extreme than any year, especially in coastal states like New York.

Opening pools also happens to be directly connected to the mental well-being of both competitive swimmers, and recreational swimmers, who use the pool as an outlet to regaining a sense of serenity.

This is such an important cause that needs to be addressed and with your help, we can reopen swimming pools.

Thank you!