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Petitioning Governor Governor Cuomo, NY State Legislature and NY State Dept. of Education and 7 others

Governor Cuomo, NY State Legislature and NY State Dept. of Education: Stop standardized testing

Standardized tests are producing anxiety and depression in children as young as eight years old. They kill curiosity, creativity and love of learning. Higher level thinking skills are replaced with skill, drill and kill. Standardized tests isolate children from learning how to interact effectively with others and how to develop community-based problem solving skills they will need as adults. Millions of dollars is spent on these unfair, biased tests. This money could be better spent on helping kids learn. These tests are not accurate measures of a child's abilities. These tests do more harm than good and take away countless months of learning. If we don't advocate for children, who will?

 (1) After you sign this New York resolution, please also sign the "National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing" that can be found by clicking on the following link:

(2) Encourage your board of education to sign this New York resolution and the National Resolution.

(3) More information on the battle to reduce standardized testing can also can be found in this Washington Post story:

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: While this petition is legitimate and will only be used in the effort to reduce standardized testing, carefully determine who is sponsoring any other petitions that pop up immediately after you sign this one or any other on-line petitions that are recommended to you. In the past, Michelle Rhee, the anti-public education activist, has posted innocent-sounding petitions, for example, anti-bullying petitions, that pop up. By signing those without realizing who is sponsoring them, people have had their names and contact information used by her organization. If you do not know the organization behind the petition, DO NOT SIGN it."

Letter to
Governor Governor Cuomo, NY State Legislature and NY State Dept. of Education
Commissioner Commissioner King ---NY State Dept. of Education
U.S. House of Representatives
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U.S. Senate
New York State House
New York State Senate
President of the United States
New York Governor
New York state government and public schools have been spending too much time, money and energy on high-stakes standardized testing. As detailed in the resolution below, the over-reliance on these tests is harmful to our children and to our schools.
We urge you to sign the resolution below calling on our State Government to reduce the use of high-stakes standardized tests.
This resolution has been signed by almost 600 school districts in Texas, 60% of Florida’s districts, and has support of national groups such as the National PTA, the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Parents Across America, the NEA and more.
WHEREAS, our nation's future well-being relies on a high-quality public education system that prepares all students for college, careers, citizenship and lifelong learning, and strengthens the nation's social and economic well-being; and
WHEREAS, our nation's school systems have been spending growing amounts of time, money and energy on high-stakes standardized testing, in which student performance on standardized tests is used to make major decisions affecting individual students, educators and schools; and
WHEREAS, the over-reliance on high-stakes standardized testing in state and federal accountability systems is undermining educational quality and equity in U.S. public schools by hampering educators' efforts to focus on the broad range of learning experiences that promote the innovation, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and deep subject-matter knowledge that will allow students to thrive in a democracy and an increasingly global society and economy; and
WHEREAS, it is widely recognized that standardized testing is an inadequate and often unreliable measure of both student learning and educator effectiveness; and
WHEREAS, the over-emphasis on standardized testing has caused considerable collateral damage in too many schools, including narrowing the curriculum, teaching to the test, reducing love of learning, pushing students out of school, driving excellent teachers out of the profession, and undermining school climate; and
WHEREAS, high-stakes standardized testing has negative effects for students from all backgrounds, and especially for low-income students, English language learners, children of color, and those with disabilities; and
WHEREAS, the culture and structure of the systems in which students learn must change in order to foster engaging school experiences that promote joy in learning, depth of thought and breadth of knowledge for students; therefore be it
RESOLVED, that we call on Governor Cuomo, The New York State Legislature, the New York State Board of Education and the New York State Department of Education to reexamine New York’s public school accountability system, and to develop a system based on multiple forms of assessment which does not require extensive standardized testing, more accurately reflects the broad range of student learning, and is used to support students and improve schools

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