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Petitioning Governor Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Cuomo: Don't cut funding for Larry and others with developmental disabilities!

Governor Cuomo has proposed state budget changes that would result in a $240 million (6%) cut to non-profit organizations in New York State serving people with developmental disabilities. Losing these funds will result in devastating cuts to housing, employment, community, and day support services; programs that are vital to over 120,000 New Yorkers like Larry.

Larry is just one person who relies on voluntary non-profit organizations to be his safety net: the first point of contact if he has a medical or personal issue. These support services have helped Larry find a place to call home, obtain a job, and purchase a personal communication device. With this support, Larry is an active, healthy, contributing citizen, well-respected by friends and colleagues. Without the support of local non-profits, Larry might never have left the costly nursing home where he was previously living.

Please sign to let Governor Cuomo know that you oppose these cuts because Larry and other people with disabilities deserve the same quality of life as all New Yorkers.

Letter to
Governor Governor Andrew Cuomo
Don't cut funding for people with developmental disabilities! The proposed state budget changes would result in a $240 million (6%) cut to non-profit organizations in New York serving people with developmental disabilities. This across the board cut would be a devastating hit from which many people and organizations would not recover. Before making a decision, please consider:

• These cuts threaten the quality of life and safety of over 120,000 vulnerable people who depend on non-profit community service agencies for support 365 days a year.

• These cuts will force services like supported employment, day habilitation and residential services to be eliminated or severely reduced, resulting in a need for more state support.

• These cuts will result in fewer individuals with disabilities in the workforce and will shift more of the fiscal responsibility for their care back on New York State.

• Supports such as community and day supports keep individuals with disabilities healthy and active, allowing many to live in their own homes. Without these services, individuals are more likely to depend on nursing homes or other more costly care facilities.

• Agencies will close. Jobs will be lost.

• The cuts are in direct conflict with the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision and the Americans with Disabilities Act, both of which mandate community integration for people with disabilities.

• There is room for reform, but New York’s most vulnerable citizens have already had to bear this burden with over $350 million (9%) in cuts over the last three years.

For years, non-profits throughout New York have been working with advocates and families to ensure that people with developmental disabilities get individualized, community-based care. This type of service promotes equality, inclusion, and results in people leading healthier lives. People with disabilities deserve the same quality of life as all New Yorkers. To deny people these services would be a giant step backwards. We cannot let this happen after coming so far.

Thank you.