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Re-Instate the Helmet Law

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I am begging the state Legislature and Gov. Tom Corbett to rescind Pennsylvania's no-helmet law.
Children have to wear helmets when riding bicycles and we have to wear seat belts in our cars, where we are protected by metal all around, but it's OK to not wear a helmet on a motorcycle.
Statistics show motorcycle deaths have risen in our state since the no-helmet law was enacted.
I am writing because my 20-year-old nephew was involved in a motorcycle accident recently when a deer jumped out in front of him and he crashed.
He has bad head injuries and is fighting for his life. My sister and brother-in-law have been at the hospital by his bedside since this happened.
I do not want to see any other family go through this when a mandatory helmet law could prevent a similar tragedy.
Why don't our leaders protect the citizens? Isn't that their job?
I know the governor and legislators wouldn't want their children or grandchildren riding a motorcycle without a helmet.
I know it's each person's choice whether or not to wear a helmet. But I'm also sure that young adults sometimes do not make good decisions — they think they're invincible.
My nephew's family always lectured him to wear a helmet, but unfortunately this law made it his choice.
Please re-enact the mandatory helmet law and save lives.

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