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Governor Christie medical marijuana debate

Show your support for me and all others in NJ who benefit from the use of mediacl marijuana. I have taken pain killers for 10+ years due to having CHIARI MALFORMATION and SYRINGOMYELIA. There is no cure and even having 2 brain surgeries has made my way of living worse than before diagnosed. All I want to do is feel better and with your help I might get that chance!!

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New Jersey Governor
My name is Brian Murphy and I am 36 years old. In March of 2000 while working for Nestle Beverage I pulled a muscle in my back. I was sent to workmans comp doctors and was sent back to work in more pain than at first. I was told it was a pulled muscle and spasms and I should be fine. My symptoms got worse and i had asked to get an opinion on my own. My company agreed and I went to see a back doctor who ordered an MRI. In june I had the MRI and the next day I was told I had CHIARI MALFORMATION and SYRINGOMYELIA. These are neurological disorders with no attention. I had to have my 1st of 2 brain surgeries on July 31, 2000. I had been through all kinds of treatments, meds, PT, etc. I had gotten worse and I began smoking marijuana for relief as told by many. I was finding relief but I could not afford it and the quality was not good.

In 2004 I had to have my second brain surgery and to this day the only thing that helps me is the marijuana. I have been on every available pain killer and to this point thankfully my liver and such are OK. Myself and my neurologist have been waiting for good news and we got it the other day. Now it is going to change again. I am upset over the fact that it is OK for us to take oxycontin, morphine, dilaudid, etc--but smoking, drinking, or eating marijuana is looked at worse than those pain killers. It is very scary to know that pain killers which can take your life later are acceptable, but something that is grown in the gound is not accepted. I am trying to make sense of this and can't. Can someone please explain this to me?