Keep New Hampshire free from intrusive checkpoints!

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U.S. Customs & Border Patrol (CBP)  is setting up  random "checkpoints" on Highway 93, just as people come out of the White Mountains.  These checkpoints require EVERY car to stop and all passengers to answer questions about their citizenship status.  The agents also walk by all cars with dogs who sniff for drugs. There have been two such checkpoints so far this year and at least 4 more are planned!

  • The stops are intrusive and unnecessary: many, many New Hampshire residents and visitors are stopped and subjected to delays and intrusions  compared to the small numbers of potentially unlawfully present people they end up identifying.
  •     The checkpoints interfere with New Hampshire and interstate business including the vitally important tourism industry!
  •   The checkpoints interfere with people’s lives by making them late for work, medical appointments, family affairs, etc.
  • CPB officials appear to intentionally mis-communicate the breadth and parameters of the checkpoint detentions

The checkpoints can result in delays several hours long and have yet to yield any meaningful results.   The check points are unnecessarily intrusive and violate our NH credo of "Live Free or Die!"

We demand that Governor Chris Sununu take a strong public stance against this grossly un-American violation of our civil rights and our NH values. 

We pledge that we will not vacation in the North Country or the White Mountains unless we can be assured that we will not be detained at an intrusive and unnecessary checkpoint as we make our way home!  


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