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Mandate "equal access" for homeschooled students in NJ.

Currently, the Equal Access law in the State of NJ allows homeschooled students access to their public school's extra-curricular clubs and athletics ONLY at the discretion of the local Board of Education. As the number of homeschoolers in NJ is growing and more student athletes are being educated in the home, more students are being turned away from local BOE personnel from their own district's sports programs. Since most recreational town programs end in 8th grade, our students are forced to quit the sports they love. We, as homeschoolers, are paying taxes into our public schools and saving the districts money by choosing to educate our children at home. While we choose not to utilize our public schools for academics, our tax dollars also support its extras, and our children should have the right to take part in those extras outright and not at the discretion of the local BOE. Governor Christie, we are asking you to do more for the thousands of homeschooled students in NJ. Similar "Tim Tebow laws" have been passed in a handful of states already and we are asking you to *mandate* equal access for our students here in NJ; not leave it up to the BOE's discretion. So many students have attempted to gain access to these programs with our current law and have been repeatedly turned away.

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