Tell Governor Baker to open Roller Rinks now!

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I am writing to urge you to reconsider the current Massachusetts Re-Opening Plans with regards to roller skating facilities, which are currently placed in Phase 3, Step 2.

Massachusetts roller skating operators have adopted COVID-19 control plans that include, among other things, guest and employee screening, new cleaning & sanitizing protocols and additional signs and public address announcements.  

Recreational roller skating is an individual non-contact activity, and the roller skating operators were enforcing physical distancing prior to the advent of COVID-19. While these facilities are large and open providing ample space for the participants to physically distance, the roller skating operators understand that there may be capacity limitations and have planned for that.

Roller skating is very similar in nature to several activities and facilities that have already been allowed to re-open. Most notably, ice skating rinks are open and allowed to operate. Non-contact and indoor facilities with youth programs have been allowed to open, and EOEEA issued standards for sports activities including indoor & outdoor pools, track, gymnastics, ice rinks, indoor gymnasiums, martial arts & dance facilities. The risk of physical contact in roller skating is the same as or less than these activities. The operators of our local roller rinks can and will be able to follow similar standards and should be allowed to re-open.

Hundreds of employees are impacted by these closures and with the winter coming quickly, roller rinks will quickly become one of the safest available indoor recreational activities for children and families. Many of these children have not yet joined or may not join organized athletic programs, and roller skating provides a convenient and affordable alternative recreational activity.

Finally, I urge you again to allow these businesses to re-open immediately so employees can get back to work and these facilities can again serve our children, families and community.