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No disabled child or adult should forced into being homeless.

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Big banks all over Massachusetts are foreclosing on disabled and the elderly's homes. Our Mayor in Brockton knows very well about this and has refused to acknowledge the "home stay rule" into any form or law. Big banks and judges have been plowing over our rights with both our Mayor in Brockton and the Governor's office knowing this. This is allowing big banks and their big price attornies throwing disabled adults vetetens, elderly  and children on to the streets. The banks and judges KNOWS this can possibly kill these people or cause for extensive stays in hospitals but they do not care. If the bank wants the house the bank will get it and our Mayor does NOTHING!!!!!! In Brockton, Boston, Jamaica Plains, and Roxbury have the largest foreclosures in Massachusetts and what are these political power hungry people doing....NOTHING!!!! Letting these individuals to live on the streets or putting them in shelters that are over crowded and away from the medical professionals that these people need to survive. What are these politicians doing about this...yet again NOTHING saying we are a strain on society which is a HUGE LIE!!!! This needs to stop because it is tearing families apart. If you are in a shelter you are classified as an incompetent part of a disabled child because we allowed this to happen. If our government worked with us instead of against us families would not be a "burden" on the state. Help us keep our homes when banks refuse to work with us and government turns their backs!!!! I know this first hand because it is happening to me this very second. I have been given 48 hours to be out of my home that i have lived in for 17 years. And i care for 3 other individuals that due to their medical conditions could die without me for I tend to them by giving them meficatins, monitoring blood pressure several times a day, and everything else in between. Individuals in CitLife have tried to help with the Mayor of Brockton shutting the doors to any assistance programs CityLife has made. And the Governor has ignored all attempts from CityLifes recommendations for affordable housing.  Our voices need to be heard!!!!!

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