Gender Parity Matters in MA Education Leadership: A Campaign to Change the Status Quo

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We, the undersigned, request that Governor Baker publicly commit to a transparent and open process to increase gender balance within the Education leadership of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts;

Whereas, research shows that including women and people of color in leadership improves decision-making, governance, revenues and productivity;

Whereas, diversity of thought and experience is critical to the future of Massachusetts;

Whereas, there are no women among the four leadership positions in the education department (Secretary of Education; Commissioners of Early Care and Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, and Higher Education);

Whereas, in the 60-plus-year history of the Department of K-12 Education (ESE), there has never been a woman commissioner, even though women comprise 75 percent of the State’s teachers;

Whereas, women held five of the fifteen Presidency positions at our state universities in 2008 and currently hold two;

Whereas, women only hold two of the twelve seats on the Board of Higher Education, yet comprise 57% of all higher education students in Massachusetts;

Whereas, ensuring gender and racial diversity in leadership of public colleges and universities, state boards, departments and secretariats is foundational to the success of the Commonwealth;

We believe that a transparent and open process by Governor Baker should result in an action plan to dramatically increase gender and racial parity in Massachusetts’ education leadership, reflective of the state’s population;

Therefore, we call on Governor Baker to make gender and racial parity a priority in order that all voices are at the table to drive forward change for our children, communities and future workforce.