Reopen the State of Delaware

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The state of Delaware continues to be stuck on Step 2 of the reopening process.  Our Covid 19 percentage is under the national average. Only thirty-five patients are hospitalized with it.

We have had 15,765 positive cases with 592 deaths of which 362 where in long term care facilities. 230 people not living in LT care facilities divided by total positive means we have a 0.0145892801% death rate. We have our whole state shutdown for a death percentage smaller than the top ten causes of death. 

The State of Delaware is remaining shut down due to the election.

At least $80,000,000 has been paid out in unemployment. The state cannot afford their percentage of the Covid19 relief unemployment benefits needed by the ExecutiveOrder, as stated by you.

The fiscally responsible response and wanted response is to Reopen Up Delaware!! Let Delawareans go back to work. Full time paychecks are needed. We do not wish to stay unemployed.

Our Covid19 numbers prove that it is medically safe to return to work. We are following hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing. 

The DIAA is reconsidering their veiw on canceling and closing off the normality, the neex for social interaction and the mental health if the students. We ask that you consider the emotional, social and financial impact that you are causing Delaware families. If you trust the schools to take care of students, why can't you trust your employers to work. Let us go back to work.

Let Delaware prosper,

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