Keep Susan Russo Behind Bars

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In 1994 our family was forever changed when Susan Russo and two of her friends, murdered David Russo while he slept in his bed. My cousins just 2 and 12, asleep in their beds, were awakened by the sound of the gun shot. David was an acting officer in the Navy, with many accomplishments. He was loved by many and taken too soon, by a greedy woman that wanted his life insurance. She is now up for parole after Gov. Brown commuted her sentence of life without the possibility of parole to life with the chance at parole. In September 2017 our family attended her parole hearing where we had to sit and listen to her manipulate and lie about how David would beat her, and how she killed him out of fear. She stated my uncle was using Meth and other drugs, and he was a violent man. Tell me how a acting officer can be addicted to drugs and not get caught. Tell me why a single report of abuse was not made or why their daughters never saw any of it? Also how a man weighing over 250lbs and standing over 6ft could beat a woman weighing less than 120lbs and never leave a mark? What has happened is, Susan has had more than 20 years to sit behind bars and come up with a new story of why she comitted this hideous crime. She has gained sympathy and supporters along the way. Now being representing by a pro bono lawyer from USC, all because she is claiming abuse. Did I mentioned she put hits out on her two accomplices while behind bars? Did they abuse her too? We meet again in July for a new parole hearing. Please help our family preserve a great man's name, protect my cousins from more heartbreak caused by their mother and protect all of California from this dangerous woman.