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Support Medicaid Expansion


• One in four adults (non elderly) in Idaho are uninsured, ranking in the bottom quarter of all states in the nation.

• Expanding Medicaid would ensure 80,000 more Idahoans will get the medical care they need, including preventive care that will save money and lives.

• 100% of the expansion will come from federal dollars for three years, phasing down to 90% thereafter.

• Estimates show Medicaid Expansion will save state and county governments 9 million dollars over ten years

• Expanding Medicaid will bring in 16.6 million dollars into Idaho stimulating the economy and creating 16,000 jobs across the state.

Idaho hospitals, provide over 45 million dollars a year. Medicaid expansion will reduce uncompensated care and reduce costs to the insured

Petition: As concerned Idaho citizens, we call on our state leaders to opt Idaho IN to the Medicaid Expansion Provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Expansion is fiscally conservative and economically sound decision. Idaho cover us all.

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  • Governor Butch Otter

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