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Governor Brian Schweitzer Support Fearless Single Mother's, and Help Protect Families.

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Being a single parent is one of the hardest job's anyone can face, oftentimes many single parent's are forced to do it completely alone. 

Jennifer Martinez is very familiar with this type of situation, being a single mother of four children for nearly six years, maintaining a busy work schedule, school and four children on her own, after her husband left the state to be with another women.

On March 31, 2012 Jennifer, her husband Chris, and their six children were displaced and forced to stay in a motel after an arsonist burned down the home. Months of grueling investigations and no leads, authorities began making accusations that Jennifer or Chris were responsible for their home's fire.

Jennifer was arrested June 7th for Parental Interference with a $100k bond, because Jennifer moved it appeared that she was evading her ex-husband and denying him visitation of his children. She was in jail for a week, before she was released only after her bail was reduced to $5k. If you are a single parent you know the struggles of raising children on your own and how impossible it is to force a parent to be involved in their child's life. This family has been through a traumatic experience trying to rebuild the pieces after being displaced from their home's fire and now to be torn apart and placed thousands of miles apart is absurd. 

Jennifer deserves to have her name cleared and her children brought home. Please sign this petition and help spread awareness so that this situation does not happen to you or any other single parent you may know. 

UPDATE: On August 15th Jennifer's children were to be returned to Jennifer's custody, instead of returning the children as was agreed upon in a parental agreement, her ex-husband filed for a restraining order against Jennifer on behalf of himself claiming domestic abuse that took place back in 1997 and 1999. Despite having evidence proving other wise against there being any abuse towards Eric on Jennifer's behalf the court agreed and granted the restraining order. Jennifer's ex-husband is also seeking child support and specific arrangements that will not allow Jennifer to see her children that she raised on her own. Currently Jennifer is not allowed to have any contact with any of her four children until otherwise ruled against the "restraining order"

In 2011 Michelle Coller Gable murdered her soon to be ex-husband and girlfriend just three weeks after her Joseph Gable filed for a restraining order against her with proof. District Judge Dorothy McCarter denied that request, writing in her order, "No personal danger or threat involved."


 - On Sept. 20, Joseph Gable sought a temporary protection order from his wife, saying that he and his Michelle Gable were separated but that she had shown up in Helena from her home in Clinton, Md.

He alleged that his wife was stalking him and then confronted him at his apartment while he was trying to change the locks. He said she threw a laptop computer down the stairs, tried to block him from leaving the apartment and prevented him from driving away because her rental car was parked behind his vehicle.

"She has been out of Montana on the East Coast in Maryland for over two years, came back unannounced and is trying to disrupt my life anyway she can, apparently," he wrote in court documents.

He said his wife didn't have any firearms that he knew of, but he accused her of intimidation and holding him against his will, along with stalking. He asked that McCarter order Michelle Gable to stay at least 1,500 feet away from his home or office.

How can a state grant anyone a restraining order just for hear say with no proof of alleged incidents that took place nearly 15 years ago? If you agree this is wrong and would like to fight against this happening to other mother's out there help support fearless women by taking a stand, so state will see their law is protecting no one.

If you know Jennifer personally it would be very much appreciated if you would post on this page or the Support Fearless Women page (listed below), how you know Jennifer and tell us what type of person she is and what you love about her.


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"If you know Jennifer personally you know she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, there is nothing she loves more then her family."

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