Tell Governor Kemp: Keep Georgia OPEN TODAY and Save The Economy

Tell Governor Kemp: Keep Georgia OPEN TODAY and Save The Economy

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Articulate Madness started this petition to Governor of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

We call on the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, to save the economy and overrule any mayor/county commissioner, and others that order an immediate shelter-in-place.

Specifically, quit listening to fear mongers like Keisha Lance Bottoms, (a democrat and political rival looking for a Vice Presidential nomination within her party) and look at the numbers and realize there are 360 million people in the United States, 10.52 million in Georgia alone, and 141 deaths as of April 1st is no reason to gut the economy of the state.

People should not be put in martial law and should be determined it is a personal decision.
Vulnerable populations should stay home.
No one should be required to be under lock down as if they are prisoners without bars.
The majority of the population of Georgia, a right to work state, should be allowed to go and work in the hospitality and service industry jobs that keep them afloat and keep the state in the black through taxes and tourism.  We should not buy into fear.  Italy is a prime example of what happens when absolute power in a government is allowed to overrule COMMON SENSE.

COVID 19 is AIRBORNE.  Everyone around the world has already been exposed to it in regular everyday occurrences.  What type of governance is Kemp exhibiting buying into the fear tactics of his rivals?  Is he trying to force the National Guard into the streets next?  What about riots from those who are not going to be tied down. 

We can see the trajectory in other states, a nation of 360 million people, and the death count is not worthy of a total shutdown:

Atlanta has 17.7 murders per 100,000 people per month in 2020.  There are 1.9 million people in Atlanta. Do the math.

Coronavirus: March 1st: 1694 cases and 34 deaths total.
March 9th, Shut down. 9172 cases and 400 deaths total.
On March 19, 475 people died in a single day (3k deaths, 35.7k cases total).
On March 24, 743 people died in a single day (6.8k deaths, 69k cases total). The effects of the lock down did NOTHING.

Look at the world economy.  Every martial law locked down country has bankrupted their GDP.  We cannot wait another month to open up the economy, we must do so now!  The cries of career politicians yelling "we must save thousands" is nothing but bleeding hearts and minds manipulation to incite fear and panic in the masses so they can control and manipulate the public into accepting the full loss of their civil liberties.

States are starting to create illegal borders. Oklahoma, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, and North Dakota are requiring travelers to self-quarantine for 14 days from NY, NJ, CT, CA, LA, and WA; Rhode Island is implementing the National Guard to go door to door to check licenses and expel NY residents.  Has this what the US come to?  Is this what Kemp is planning on doing in GA, that has an eccentric population of people? 

The path of the pandemic is clear. But if we act now instead of when the politicians feel like it, we can avoid riots and other chaos and destruction that follow martial law.

Listen to the people!  Government overreach is not the way to react to a crisis.  Urging people to "hunker down" is not good leadership.  No employer bullied into closing their doors is going to support candidates for re-election that affected their bottom line, especially if they are bankrupted.  Giving a minimum wage up to 330 dollars aka 40% of what people pay into it is not going to save the economy.  There are other people out there that need hospital care, like heart attack and stroke victims.  These people NEED their families.  Humans are social by nature.  Keeping them on lock down via shut down as a state-wide requirement will surely guarantee a new choice for governor.

The economic fallout is grossly underrated: business will fail and people will lose their jobs and will not find adequate replacements. Waiting to open the economy will make this exponentially worse.  We need to learn from the past that monkey see, monkey do is not going to stop the spread of an AIRBORNE PATHOGEN.

Be proud to be a Georgian.  Let Georgia lead, and not follow.  Let us #RESISTSHUTDOWNGA and work together to overcome this pandemic in a timely and sensible manner.

Governor Kemp, please order a cancellation for an immediate shelter-in-place order for Georgia.

Continue to use to contact your representatives, and/or Bombard Brian Kemp and let him know he's messing up.

Brian Kemp Twitter: @BrianKempGA
Brian Kemp Office: Constituent Services:(404) 656-1776
206 Washington Street, 111 State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334 United States
Brian Kemp Mail: 206 Washington Street, Suite 203, State Capitol Atlanta, GA 30334 United States
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