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Governor Branstad , Iowa House and Senate Representatives,Iowa Cannabis and Hemp Law Reform Can Wait No Longer


Allows people with qualifying conditions access to safe, regulated, and taxed Medical Marijuana. Allows farmers the option to grow Industrial Hemp. Also allows law enforcement to focus more of their efforts on violent criminals, and better protect Iowa's sanctity.

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Governor Branstad. Iowa House and Senate Representatives.
Iowa State House
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Iowa Governor
Iowa Cannabis and Hemp Law Reform Can Wait No Longer

Honorable Governor Branstad, Iowa Representatives of the House and Iowa Senate Representatives:

We, the people of Iowa – community members, students, veterans, and residents of our great state – feel with the utmost conviction that the need for Iowa marijuana and industrial hemp law reform should be a serious priority for our state legislation. Policy change must be enacted to ensure that laws in Iowa represent the views of Iowan citizens and are in support of Iowa’s greatest interest.

The following reasons highlight the significance of necessity for reform of current cannabis laws:

- Iowa Law Enforcement should better allocate their resources to protect the citizens of Iowa, and preserve Iowa’s sanctity.
- Tax revenue saved from prosecution of marijuana possession must be realized and reallocated to areas of greater priority, such as education.
- Would-be medical marijuana patients need access to medicinal cannabis, as it is now clear that both patients and doctors feel the medical benefits of medicinal cannabis often outweigh the benefits (and evade the negative side-effects) of other commonly prescribed synthetic drugs.

In addition to marijuana law reform, industrial hemp law reform will provide economically-stimulating job creation and preservation on Iowa farms. Industrial hemp is cultivated in a way that is very different from marijuana, and it has a rich Iowan farm history. It has potential to be a significant part of Iowan crop rotation, providing opportunity for employment and research in areas including textiles, cooking ingredients (hemp oil), paper, fuels, advanced composite fibers (automobile creation), environmentally friendly plastics, etc.

The undersigned people of Iowa feel that the following changes must be enacted as soon as possible:

- Decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana (replacing criminal charges with fines/ citations)
- Introduction of medicinal cannabis as an option for prescription to appropriate patients as deemed fit by certified medical professionals
- Incorporation of legislation that provides opportunity for production, cultivation, distribution, and research relating to industrial hemp and industrial hemp byproducts.

Current Iowa marijuana and hemp policy does far more harm than good. The need for change is represented by these signatures of current Iowa residents.

We would truly appreciate if your office takes these concerns into consideration and implements appropriate policies.

Thank you,
The People of Iowa

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