Require Face Masks in Idaho Shared Public Spaces

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My mask protects YOU - Your mask protects ME! 

Idaho is currently seeing an exponential increase in COVID-19 spread.  All across Idaho, people are out in shared public spaces without masks.  Opening up without requiring masks in shared public spaces has backfired.  Parts of Idaho are going backwards to stage 3 of the 4 stage reopening plan.  This is bad for business!

Failing to require masks creates an unsafe environment and forces many people to limit their activities and their support of our economy. Many are unable to restrict their activities, and are being put at unnecessary risk just to support their families. There is no end to the misinformation, confusion and conflict around the use of masks, because there has been no authoritative and expert leadership. 

Idahoans are better than this. We care about each other and protect each other.  The best way we can do this during a global pandemic is to follow the advice of experts, who overwhelming support the use of masks in shared public spaces, in addition to social distancing measures.

Those of us endangering one another are doing so unknowingly, and should not be steering our public health policies.  Those of us who already understand why using masks helps to control the spread of COVID-19 are watching helplessly in horror.

The decision to require masks in shared public spaces is a decision to ensure the health and welfare of every Idahoan. The sooner we control the spread of this virus, the sooner we can get back to business!

Demand that Idaho Governor Brad Little orders that masks be used in shared public spaces in Idaho.

Masks covering the mouth and nose, when used in addition to social distancing measures, are proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Many countries around the world are successfully controlling the spread of this virus by requiring masks in public spaces.  More and more states and jurisdictions in the United States are requiring masks to effectively control the spread of this disease. But here in Idaho we are being left behind while our numbers climb higher than ever.

Requiring masks in shared public spaces is an easy, simple and cost-effective solution to fight back against the spread COVID-19.  Every Idahoan has the ability to do their part . Every day that we delay puts all Idahoans at greater risk.  Demand that Idahoans are protected so we can ALL get back to the business of opening up our great state.

Let's open up Idaho for ALL Idahoans. Governor Little, we implore you to require the use of masks that cover the mouth and nose in all shared public spaces.