Remove the statue of Medusa in Manhattan!

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While the message of MeToo may seem honorable to some, to many others it seems a message of hate. The most prominent feature of #MeToo's message is how easily and affectively a man's professional reputation (and all that depends on it) can be utterly destroyed by nothing more than an accusation. An accusation, mind you, that can, in fact, be rooted in something far less sinister, like a misunderstanding, or something far more sinister, like revenge.  

This all happens in the public square where guilt is assigned without a trial and sentences are levied and carried out by a mob. The end result is actually that #MeToo is too easily weaponized for sinister purposes to be celebrated in this way. 

Even the violent metaphor of the statue itself promotes violence against men over arriving at a shared understanding of what it means to be a man working among women or a woman working among men. The message of #MeToo should, in fact, be that there are dire consequences for the direst of perpetrators and a lesson in empathy and understanding for all else in the middle. 

This statue emphasizes all of the worst parts of the #MeToo movement and leaves by the wayside all of its merits.  It needs to be taken down immediately.