Save Indian Point's Clean Power!

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Dear Governor Cuomo,

Agreed, these days, you're "America's Governor", and your dedication to saving lives during the pandemic is truly impressive. What's more, your varied accomplishments to advance New York state's progress in many valuable directions deserves the applause you receive at your annual state of the state addresses. 

But regretfully, your long standing and deeply-held antipathy toward Indian Point by shutting it down and celebrating the victory is appalling, considering the truly colossal quantities of clean, reliable power its supplied to downstate New York over the 47 years of its operation. 

No other carbon-free power source outside of nuclear energy can equal this feat --and save countless lives. Consider the gas power plants that will replace Indian Point, and the harm their emissions will do to our air quality and the environment. Deaths from this pollution will result. 

Are you willing to accept what will essentially be blood on your hands? Wind farms, offshore and on, and the solar farms you promise to provide 'clean' energy are a fiction. Engineers and scientists have studied facts, data and evidence that show these sources have a 'hidden in plain sight' carbon footprint because their intermittency requires constant back-up by other sources. 

Take away nuclear, and that leaves fossil fuel power. And we’re sure you know better with respect to the myths used to attack Indian Point, as propagated by anti-nuclear foamers, like Riverkeeper, to which you evidently subscribe and use to your agenda's benefit. Now that the Covid-19 pandemic conveniently eclipses your act of shutting down the first of these two beneficial reactors, we can only imagine you're breathing a sigh of relief that it won't get much attention. 

But the honeymoon won't last for long when New York's increased greenhouse gas emissions and adverse health statistics point to the actions you will have taken. At this eleventh hour, we can only wish you the wisdom to pause and reflect. Listen to the experts, not the fear-mongers, AND the oil and gas industry lobbyists pulling the strings behind the curtain. In the end, your reputation and legacy may rest on what would prove to be your greatest blunder should you follow through with your blind determination to gratify an Ahab-like obsession to kill Indian Point.



May, 2020

Dear Petition Signers - 

You Did It!  

8,400 signatures and comments were mailed to Gov. Cuomo telling him: We love our planet, and we love Indian Point's clean energy that keeps it safe...

Does it end here?  Let's go to 20,000 signatures. Cuomo has now shut down Indian Point Unit 2, but is it permanent? While the 1000 MW supplier of clean power is being de-fueled, it will remain on standby unless decommissioning is finalized.  Can it be restored to service? Engineers and scientists say, yes it can!  

The need to restore Indian Point 2 to service may depend on how serious the energy demand is, if, as NOAA predicts, 2020 could be the hottest summer on record - and to what extent replacement power from dirty fossil fuel plants will pollute the air - making the Covid-19 pandemic even more deadly. Conservative estimates are for 7 million metric tons emissions of greenhouse gases, and PM2.5 in the throats and lungs of millions of downstate New York citizens.

"Indian Point is an important part of our energy supply, and not to mention CLEAN energy – not what will be spewing from a gas-fired plant. Don't understand how environmentalists could be happy with gas-fired plants to replace this energy, and yes, yes, yes we hear about renewables, and that will eventually happen, but alway remember they are HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED NOW. There never was a Plan B to the shutdown. The goal was the shutdown, and nobody thought or cared what would happen to the community. And here we are, facing the realities of that. Nobody cared or wanted to think about the human toll. It will be a very sad day on many levels for our community." ––Theresa Knickerbocker, Mayor, Village of Buchanan, NY

May 1st Update: May Day was no holiday for clean energy in downstate New York.

While anti-nuclear activists may celebrate the closing of one of Indian Point's two reactors, on April 30th, increased use and emissions from gas and oil-fired fossil fuel plants to replace Indian Point's carbon-free power signal a desperate "Mayday," alert to an air-quality emergency ahead.  

And it's not just air quality. Predicted natural gas shortages from demand by fossil fueled power plants can result in importing gas to New York fracked from the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. Due to the short half-life of radon in the gas when present at the well-head, experts warn that the health risk from radioactivity is higher if this fuel is brought to use in less than 3 days - particularly for residential - from locally-sourced natural gas, rather than longer periods it takes for gas to arrive from the Gulf Coast by pipeline, and by which time radiation has decayed to safer levels.  A sobering letter to the NY Dept. of Health will appear as an update - watch for it!

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