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Petitioning Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Include representation of Parents on the Education Reform Commission

Parents of school-age children constitute the one group who will not be represented and whose voice will not be heard on Governor Cuomo's Education Reform Commission. We need to remind the Governor that it is the parents who are most in touch with the every day realities of school life and how it affects our children.

Beata Moon & Victoria Zunitch (Co-Creators of this Petition)

Letter to
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

Dear Governor Cuomo:
We, as citizens and parents or guardians of school-aged children, expect to have equal representation and a significant voice on the Education Reform Commission.

We want parents who represent the diversity of families across the state to be named to the Education Reform Commission as soon as possible. These parents need to be in addition to any existing members who happen to be parents.

Parents know the most about the everyday reality of school life for our children and what they need from school in order to build a better future. For that reason, we respectfully demand of you, and of every other arm of government, our rightful say in their education.