For Judge Hope Schwartz Zimmerman to resign, have her disbarred and her license revoked

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We, the outraged and appalled community, hold Judge Hope Schwartz Zimmerman fully responsible for the death of little Thomas Valva. This petition is requesting that her license is fully and indefinitely revoked. We, the community don't want to see her rule another child to an abusive parent. 

Ruling these children to Michael Valva with mounting evidence presented to her by Thomas' biological mother Justyna Valva about his abusive behavior was not only irresponsible but Judge Zimmerman signed a direct death sentence for Thomas Valva and the rest of the children in his, fully being aware that these kids were starved and continuously abused by their father. 

Judge Zimmerman has FAILED Thomas Valva, she FAILED all of us hard working single mothers/parents who work two and three jobs to make ends meet to be able to provide for our children. 

We don't want her failing another innocent child. Please have Judge Hope Schwartz Zimmerman' license revoked and have all her cases further investigated.