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Commute the sentence of Dontie S. Mitchell

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Dontie asked me to share his story: 

I grew up poor in a dysfunctional home. My mom was addicted to drugs and suffered domestic abuse, often being beaten by an abusive boyfriend when I was a little boy, who could only watch helplessly.  My father was never around and I wound up in foster care, going from one foster home to another, then group home to group home.  I signed out of foster care at 16 years of age and was doing well, even starting my own business, until I fell on hard times ending up homeless and jobless.

That's when my short life of crime (10 months) began.  I tried to sell drugs and got caught.  Then, influenced by my step-cousin, I committed robberies.  I didn't hurt or physically harm anyone and I take full responsibility for my behavior.  I had just turned 17, when I was arrested for the robberies.  Being young, black and poor, the odds were stacked against me and I was sentenced to 35 to 70.  I was placed in maximum security prisons along with hardened, adult criminals...a dangerous and corrupting environment.  I've adapted, making major strides to rehabilitate and better myself.  While I don't claim to be a model prisoner, I've earned college credits through a program I'm currently enrolled in.  I've earned certificates in legal research, public speaking, food service, computer operations and non-violent conflict resolution.

I also founded UFD, a mutual self-improvement fraternity to motivate and inspire young prisoners to change and better themselves. I try to be an asset to my community and to the society in which I live. 

Through clemency, I'm asking for a chance at an early release.  I've spent 21 years in prison -- over half my life -- and there's nothing to be gained by keeping me incarcerated.  I want to return to society outside prison and help steer at-risk youth away from paths that lead to prison.

Will you support me?  Please sign my petition.  To learn more and help even more, please write to me:  Dontie S. Mitchell #98A0071, Great Meadow Correctional Facility, PO Box 51, Comstock, NY 12821.  Thank you.




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