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Support a Carbon Tax in New York State

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Climate change is destroying the planet, and society needs to make some drastic changes in order to stop it in its tracks. There are serious floods, droughts, and storms. The rate at which climate change worsens is increasing by the minute, and the lives of children and teens especially are at stake.

 It is the governor's responsibility to ensure a safe, healthy future for every New Yorker. If we ignore climate change, we give up on humanity. Yes, climate change is a big problem, but it is not too big to be solved. Yet. He needs to take action. New York can be the trailblazers. We can set an example.

Carbon taxes are a great solution. British Columbia implemented one in 2008 and decreased its carbon emissions by 10% in just four years! Large companies who give no thought to the environment will be forced to fix their behavior, and everyone will become increasingly aware of climate change's looming threat. Carbon taxes will raise money for the state. This revenue can be used to fund even more sustainable energy goals.

Carbon taxes are a great solution to climate change. They have proven to be effective, and they provide great opportunities for the state. If New York has a carbon tax, other states will join us in the climate movement, and we can save our planet.

Even if you don't live in New York, show that you support helping the enivironment in any way possible. You can still help the planet and show the government that you care. With Trump as president, we need to do whatever we can on a state level and show him that we will never give up.

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