NYS Rent Regulation with More Tenant Protection

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 Housing Justice for All  has a platform for universal rent protection for tenants, both upstate and downstate in New York.  Both rent-regulated and unregulated tenants need protection to stay in their homes.  The state rent laws expire this June 2019.  Let's get them strengthened and covering more people.  Tell Governor Cuomo to sign onto the platform to

  • Expand rent protection to all communities in NYS, not just counties of a million or more.  
  • End loopholes that shrink affordable housing: repeal vacancy decontrol and vacancy bonuses, end MCI permanent rent increases, base rent increase percentages on existing preferential rents, and put rent controlled tenants under the same rules as rent stabilized tenants have.  
  • Regulate currently un-regulated housing including smaller buildings and tenants in market-rate apartments in larger buildings.