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We are writing to you to express our grave concerns over the lack of direction around NYS High School football this fall. Sports are essential for the mental and physical health of our kids, and for many, athletics opens doors to higher education. Shutting down football trades one crisis for another.

We were taken aback by your announcement in regards to football because there is no clear direction and it does not appear to be in line with the facts we know about Covid-19:

  • Summer travel sports have proved that sports can be played safely in New York.  This includes full contact sports such as lacrosse.
  • Our surrounding states have cleared to play football this fall:  Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey guidelines are in place and they are already practicing.
  • NY Covid-19 rates are one of the lowest in the country on a per capita basis based on data from the last week.
    Infections per 100,000 (Source: NY Times from Aug 20-26):
    • New York:   21
    • New Jersey:  21
    • Connecticut:   25
    • Pennsylvania:  34

We, the parents of student-athletes, implore you to make the right decision and let them play this fall. These kids need the support of their friends and their teammates, and once again, the safety measures that have been put in place throughout the summer prove that sports can be played safely for the kids and their coaches.

Our students will be attending hybrid learning in school, and we know that outdoor activities have a much lower chance of transmission. You have said time and time again that you will follow science and common sense on your decision-making. In both cases, they point to opening football this fall.  #LETTHEMPLAY