Legislature for Animal Hoarding in New York State

Legislature for Animal Hoarding in New York State

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For the past few years, my mom has been hoarding 10 dogs (it used to be 11) in the upstairs apartment of my house. They don’t go outside, bark constantly, and have to be separated in different rooms to avoid fighting. It’s unfair to everyone involved, including her and the dogs. Lately these high energy dogs are being left upstairs in rooms for 10+ hours at a time to either bark or just sit there all day.

There is no limit on dogs in my town or the state, so I have had no way to forcibly have them rehomed. The farthest they go outside is the back deck, so they’ve been destroying the house and it’ll cost a lot of money to fix. It’s NOT illegal for dogs not to go outside and I’ve called the humane society multiple times over the course of a year and there is nothing they could do. Despite being clearly inhumane and unfair to the dogs, it’s still not illegal and since they’re her property I can’t do anything about it myself.

With that said, I have no choice but to evict my mother. I have no family willing to help me with this and it will cost me over $1,200 in legal fees, not including the damage to my home. This would never have happened if New York State had intelligent laws in place to allow for the necessary mental health care needed for this situation and reasonable pet limitations. We need laws that allow for critical thinking in obviously dangerous situations. 

There needs to be clear rules against keeping pets in situations where they are unable to live a comfortable and healthy life. Currently there is no state wide law preventing someone from hoarding animals even if it's clearly evident the owner is mentally ill. Small towns with no limit on dogs are at risk of dangerous, inhumane, and unhealthy situations involving animal hoarding. If there was a state wide law, this would not happen. 

There is no reason any one individual should be allowed to own an inordinate amount of pets without the necessary qualifications to provide adequate care and attention. This further exacerbates crowded shelters, strays, and more common problems that our society faces with our pets. 

Statistics show that proper care for a dog each year can exceed $1,000. This statistic alone allows us to determine the extreme difficulty of the average American being able to adequately care for unusual amounts of pets. I am urging Governor Cuomo and his staff to make steadfast changes to the New York legislation to prevent others from dealing with what I have had to deal with for the past 5+ years. 

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