End Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

End Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

July 31, 2020
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Started by Homecrest Community Services

End Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans   


On July 14, 2020, a 90-year old Asian grandmother was attacked by two masked individuals during a routine stroll around 16th Avenue in the Bensonhurst area in broad daylight.

As we have seen a significant rise in hate crimes against the Asian community during this COVID-19 pandemic, the circumstances surrounding this event are especially alarming.

While the police are currently investigating this crime and searching for the perpetrators, the serious nature of this attack has caused an outcry in the Asian community, and despite the racial motivations of this incident, neither the NYPD nor the District Attorney have labeled this attack as a hate crime. 

As such, we respectfully request the following:

  • The NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney classify and investigate this incident as a hate crime;
  • The City, State and United States Justice Department provide sufficient resources to address the rise in hate crimes;
  • The Executive Branches and respective legislatures continue to take on and pass legislation to protect all communities against hate crimes, including the Asian American community.

Homecrest Community Services

Don Lee, Board Chair

“We have all witnessed the rise of racially motivated attacks and harassment on Asian Americans during this global pandemic.  In fighting Covid-19 along with everyone else, Asian Americans are also facing another vile disease - hate.

When a hate crime is committed, it is not only an attack on one person but an attack on all of humanity.

By signing and sharing this petition, I truly hope that we can turn this heartbreaking incident into a watershed moment in the continued fight for racial equality. Our community needs to be unified in order for our voices to be amplified.”  - MC Jin

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Signatures: 445,035Next Goal: 500,000
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